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Optional. Defines which controls should be shown in the personal toolbar of diagram items


shapeToolbar?: boolean | array;


As an array, the shapeToolbar property can include:

  • a boolean true/false value - to show/hide the default toolbar;
  • string values with the names of the toolbar controls. The sequence the values are put in the array defines the order the controls will be displayed in the toolbar. The available values are:
    • in the default mode: "copy" | "connect" | "remove" | "addRowLast" | "addColumnLast";
    • in the org chart mode: "add" | "horizontal" | "vertical" | "remove";
    • in the mindmap mode: "add" | "addLeft" | "addRight" | "remove";
  • a set of icon objects. Each icon object can have the following properties:
    • id: string - (required) the id of an icon. Note, that the usage of the default names of the toolbar controls as ids of new controls is prohibited;
    • content: string - (required) the content of the icon. It can contain an HTML element with the name of the icon class;
    • check: function - (optional) checks whether the icon should be applied to the shape. The function takes a shape object and returns true, if the icon will be rendered for this shape;
    • css: function - (optional) the function which returns the name(s) of CSS class(es) that should be applied to the shape
    • tooltip: string - (optional) a tooltip which appears on hovering over the icon

The most recommended option is to enable the default set of controls by specifying true value in the shapeToolbar array and create your own control(s) by adding an icon object to the array.


The property can be set either as a boolean value:

const editor = new dhx.DiagramEditor("editor_container", {
type: "org",
shapeToolbar: false, // true by default

or as an array:

const editor = new dhx.DiagramEditor("editor_container", {
type: "org",
shapeToolbar: [
{id: "info", content:"<i className='dxi dxi-download'></i>", tooltip: "Download"}

Change log:

  • The tooltip parameter of the icon object is added in v5.0

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