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groups grid content either by values of the specified column or by the result of calculation

groupBy(property: string | ((item: IDataItem) => string)): void;


property: string | function - the id of the column or the rule of grouping


//Grouping by values of the specified columntreegrid.groupBy("age");
//Grouping by the result of calculationtreegrid.groupBy(function (item) {    if (!item.area || item.area < 0) {        return "N.A.";    }    if (item.area < 25000) {        return "Small";    } else if (item.area < 60000) {        return "Medium";    }    return "Big";});

Related sample: TreeGrid. Group data items by a property

The method takes one parameter, which can be:

  • id - (string, number) the id of the column
  • a function with a rule of grouping data.The function returns the name of a group and takes one parameter:
    • item - a data item

You can set a template to the title of the group via the groupTitleTemplate configuration option.

Change log:

added in v6.5