Migration to Newer Versions

6.5 -> 7.0

The following API methods of List have been deprecated: enableSelection(), disableSelection(). These methods are still available but not recommended for use.

Instead of the methods, use new enable(), disable() methods of the selection object:

// enables selection of items
// disables selection of items

6.3 -> 6.4

1) In v6.4 some methods, events and properties of the List API have been renamed. The new names bring more clarity and precisely describe the actual functionality.

Up to version 6.3From version 6.4
list.events.on("ContextMenu", function(){})list.events.on("itemRightClick", function(){})

2) The multiselectionMode property is deprecated. Starting from the version 6.4 , it is possible to set the mode of selection of multiple items using the multiselection property of List.

6.2 -> 6.3

The following API methods have been deprecated: getFocusIndex(), setFocusIndex(). These methods are still available but not recommended for use.

Instead of using the getFocusIndex() method, you can get the index of an item in focus as follows:

var id = list.getFocus();
var index = list.data.getIndex(id);

But we recommended you to use the corresponding getFocus()/setFocus() methods for getting the id of an item in focus and setting focus to an item by its id:

list.getFocus(); // -> "item_id"
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