Migration to Newer Versions

7.0 -> 7.1

1) Since v7.1, the dateFormat configuration option of the column of Grid has been deprecated.
Though the support of the option continues, we recommend that you use the format option together with type: "date" instead.

    width: 150, id: "date", header: [{ text: "Date" }], 
    type: "date", format: "%M.%d.%Y" 

2) The sort event has been deprecated in v7.1. Instead of it, you should use the afterSort and beforeSort events.

6.5 -> 7.0

The splitAt configuration property of Grid has been deprecated. The property is still available but not recommended for use.

Starting from v7.0, use leftSplit instead.

6.3 -> 6.4

1) In v6.4 some methods and properties of the Grid API are renamed. The new names bring more clarity and precisely describe the actual functionality.

Up to version 6.3From version 6.4

2) The columnsAutoWidth property is replaced with the adjust property. The property can take one of three values: "header", "data" or true.

3) Before 6.4 the adjustColumnWidth() method took only one parameter - the id of the column. Starting from v6.4, it is also possible to pass the mode of adjusting a column ("header", "data", true) as a second parameter.

6.2 -> 6.3

In version 6.3 some functionality of Grid has been renamed in order to avoid confusion and misunderstanding due to inconsistency between the name and functionality.

Up to version 6.2From version 6.3
grid.events.on("HeaderInput", function(){})grid.events.on("FilterChange", function(){})
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