Migration to Newer Versions

6.5 -> 7.0

1) Starting with 7.0, to access the Form control you can use either the name of the control or its id (if the name attribute is not defined in the config of the control). In previous versions it was possible to access the control only by id.

2) The following events of Form have been deprecated: buttonClick, validationFail. These methods are still available but not recommended for use.

Instead of the buttonClick event, use the new click event:

form.events.on("Click", function(name, events) {
    console.log("Click", name, events); 

Instead of the validationFail event, use the new afterValidate, beforeValidate events:

form.events.on("AfterValidate", function(name, value, isValid) {
    console.log("AfterValidate", name, value, isValid); 
form.events.on("BeforeValidate", function(name, value) {
    console.log("BeforeValidate", name, value); 
    return true;

3) The readonly attribute of the Combo control of Form have been deprecated. Starting from v7.0, use readOnly instead.

6.3 -> 6.4

In v6.4 some properties of widgets of the Suite library have been renamed. Therefore, the properties of Form controls that are based on these widgets have also been renamed.

All Form controls

Up to version 6.3From version 6.4

Combo control

Up to version 6.3From version 6.4

DatePicker control

Up to version 6.3From version 6.4

Slider control

Up to version 6.3From version 6.4

TimePicker control

Up to version 6.3From version 6.4
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