Migration to Newer Versions

6.3 -> 6.4

In v6.4 some methods and events of the ColorPicker API have been renamed. The new names bring more clarity and precisely describe the actual functionality.

Up to version 6.3From version 6.4
colorpicker.events.on("ViewChange",function(){})colorpicker.events.on("ModeChange", function(){})
colorpicker.events.on("SelectClick",function(){})colorpicker.events.on("Apply", function(){})

6.2 -> 6.3

In version 6.3 some methods and events of ColorPicker has been renamed in order to avoid confusion and misunderstanding due to inconsistency between the name and functionality.

The list of renamed methods and events:

Up to version 6.2From version 6.3
colorpicker.events.on("ColorChange",function(){})colorpicker.events.on("Change", function(){})
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