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Optional. An array of icon objects which sets a toolbar with buttons for items


toolbar?: [
id: string,
content: string,
check?: function,
css?: function,
tooltip?: string
{...} // other icon objects


The toolbar array includes a set of icon objects. Each icon object can have the following parameters:

  • id - (required) the id of the icon
  • content - (required) the content of the icon. It can contain an HTML element with the name of the icon class
  • check - (optional) checks whether the icon should be applied to the item. The function takes an item object and returns true, if the icon will be rendered for this item
  • css - (optional) the function which returns the name(s) of CSS class(es) that should be applied to the item
  • tooltip - (optional) a tooltip which appears on hovering over the icon


const diagram = new dhx.Diagram("diagram_container", { 
type: "org",
select: true,
// setting a toolbar with buttons for items
toolbar: [
id: "add",
content: "<i className='dxi dxi-plus-box'>",
check: item => !item.assistant && !item.partner,
tooltip: "Add new shape"
id: "download",
content: "<i className='dxi dxi-download'></i>",
tooltip: "Download to PDF"
id: "remove",
content: "<i className='dxi dxi-delete-outline'>",
check: item => item.parent,
css: () => "dhx_diagram_toolbar__icon--remove",
tooltip: "Remove"

Change log:

  • The tooltip parameter is added in v5.0

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