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Diagram properties overview

autoplacementOptional. An object with configuration settings for auto-placement of shapes
defaultsOptional. An object which sets the default configuration of a shape or line
defaultShapeTypeOptional. The default type of a shape
exportStylesOptional. Defines the styles that will be sent to the export service when exporting the diagram
gridStepOptional. Sets the size of a grid step that defines the step of moving a shape/group/swimlane
lineConfigOptional. An object with default configuration for the connector lines
lineGapOptional. Adds an offset for two connected shapes, and fills the gap with an additional line
marginOptional. An object with settings of margins for positioning items in the diagram
scaleOptional. Defines the diagram scale
selectOptional. Enables selection in the diagram
toolbarOptional. An array of icon objects which sets a toolbar with buttons for items
typeRequired. Defines the mode of Diagram initialization
typeConfigOptional. An object which defines the direction of the shapes in the mindmap mode of Diagram