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Optional. An object with default configuration for the connector lines


lineConfig?: {
lineType?: "dash" | "line",
lineGap?: number


The lineConfig object contains the following parameter:

  • lineType - (optional) the default type of a connector line. The value is applied, if the line object doesn't contain the "type" property
  • lineGap - (optional) sets the distance to the right-angled bend of a connector line

The value of the lineType setting will be applied, if the line object doesn't contain the identical one

Default config

lineConfig: {
lineType: "line",
lineGap: 10


const diagram = new dhx.Diagram("diagram_container", {
type: "default",
lineConfig: {
lineType: "dash",
lineGap: 50
// other config parameters

The result of applying the lineGap property is shown in the image below:

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Change log:

  • The lineGap parameter is added in v5.0 (check the Migration article)
  • Added in v4.2

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