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Fires when moving a task


"move-task": ({
id: string | number,
parent?: string | number | null,
project?: string | number | null,
targetId?: string | number,
reverse?: boolean,
operation?: "indent" | "unindent" | "project",
batch?: (string| number)[]
}) => void;


The callback of the move-task event can take an object with the following parameters:

  • id - (required) the ID of the moved task
  • parent - (optional) the ID of the parent task
  • project - (optional) the ID of the project
  • targetId - (optional) the ID of the target task
  • reverse - (optional) true, if the task is pasted before the target task; otherwise, false
  • Additional parameters that can be applied to the RestDataProvider work:
    • operation - (optional) an operation type performed on a task; values:
      • indent - demoting the task nesting level by one
      • unindent - promoting the task nesting level by one
      • project - moving a task to another project
      • if no value is set, it indicates changing a task position within a project it belongs to
    • batch - (optional) an array of IDs of the tasks on which an operation is perfromed

To handle the inner events, you can use the Event Bus methods


const { ToDo, Toolbar } = todo;
const {tasks, projects, users} = getData();

const list = new ToDo("#root", {

const toolbar = new Toolbar("#toolbar", {
api: list.api,

// subscribe to the "move-task" event
list.api.on("move-task", ({id}) => {
console.log("The", id, "task is moved");

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