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API methods overview

addProject()Adds a new project
addTask()Adds a new task into the list
assignUser()Assigns a person to the specified task
checkTask()Marks a task as complete
closeInlineEditor()Closes the inline editor of a task/project
collapseTask()Collapses a task by its id
copyTask()Copies a task into the clipboard and pastes into the specified position
deleteProject()Removes a project
deleteTask()Removes the specified task from DataStore
destructor()Removes all HTML elements of the To Do List, and detaches all related events
eachSelected()Iterates over all selected tasks
existsProject()Checks whether the specified project exists in DataStore
existsTask()Checks whether the specified task exists in DataStore
expandTask()Expands a collapsed task by its id
getChildrenIds()Returns the IDs of child tasks of the specified parent task
getParentIds()Returns the IDs of parent tasks of the specified child task
getProject()Gets an object of the project by its ID
getSelection()Gets an array with ID of the selected task
getTask()Gets an object of the task by its ID
hasChildren()Checks whether the specified task has child tasks
hideCompletedTasks()Switches To Do List to the mode when completed tasks are hidden from the page
indentTask()Demotes the nesting level of the task to one lower level, depending on the nearby task
moveTask()Moves a task to the specified position
openInlineEditor()Opens the inline editor of a task/project
parse()Loads data into To Do List
pasteTask()Pastes the copied task from the clipboard into the specified position
selectTask()Selects the specified task by its ID
serialize()Serializes data of To Do List into a JSON object
setConfig()Sets a new configuration for the To Do List
setFilter()Filters tasks by the specified criteria within an active project
setLocale()Sets the specified locale for To Do List
setProject()Sets the specified project as an active one
setSort()Sorts tasks of the active project by the specified parameters
showCompletedTasks()Switches To Do List to the mode when completed tasks are shown on the page
unassignUser()Unassigns a person from the specified task
uncheckTask()Marks a task as incomplete
unindentTask()Promotes the nesting level of the task to one higher level, depending on the nearby task
unselectTask()Unselects a task(s)
updateProject()Updates configuration parameters of a project
updateTask()Updates configuration parameters of a task