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PUT /rows


Updates data on a specified row (swimlane) and returns an empty json object

The route handles the HTTP PUT request made to the /rows/{id} path.

Path parameters

The next parameter is sent in the request line:

idnumberRequired. The ID of the row (swimlane) to be updated.


The server needs to receive a json object with all row properties (both unchanged and new/modified).

labelstringRequired. The name of the row to be updated.
collapsedbooleanOptional. The state of the row: true if the row is collapsed initially and false for the expanded state (default).


"row": {
"label": "Row 1",
"collapsed": false,

You can find another example of the row object in the rows section.


In case of the success status, an empty json object is returned back.

The HTTP status code shows whether the request succeeds (response.status == 200) or fails (response.status == 500).

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