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Required. Specifies an array of task objects to set into the list


tasks: [
id?: string | number,
parent?: string | number,
project?: string | number,
text?: string,
checked?: boolean,
collapsed?: boolean,
assigned?: (string | number)[],
due_date?: Date | string,
creation_date?: Date | string,
completion_date?: Date | string,
edited_date?: Date | string,
priority?: number | null,
[key: string]?: any
{...} // more task objects


The tasks property presents an array of task objects. Each object includes the following set of parameters:

  • id - (optional) the id of a task
  • parent - (optional) the id of the parent task. The value of the parameter is null | undefined for root tasks
  • project - (optional) the id of the project where the task should be rendered. To initialize the projects, use the projects property.

If there are projects initialized, specify the ID of the necessary project for the root task to display it in this project.

If you don't specify the project ID for the root task or set it to null or undefined, the task will belong to the No project section.

  • text - (optional) the text of the task
  • checked - (optional) marks the task as completed
  • collapsed - (optional) defines whether the task is collapsed initially (in case the task has subtasks)
  • assigned - (optional) an array with ID(s) of the people assigned to the task. To initialize the list of assignees, use the users property.
  • due_date - (optional) the date when the task must be completed
  • creation_date - (optional) the date of the task creation (auto-generated)
  • completion_date - (optional) the date of the task completion (auto-generated when you mark a task as complete; auto-removed when you mark a task as incomplete)
  • edited_date - (optional) the date of the task editing (auto-generated when you change the text of the task)
  • priority - (optional) the priority of the task. To set the priorities, use the priorities property
  • [key: string]- (optional) a set of custom properties


const { ToDo, Toolbar } = todo;

const tasks = [
id: "1",
project: "books",
// parent: null,
text: "Read books",
collapsed: false,
due_date: new Date(),
priority: 1
id: "2",
project: "books",
parent: "1",
text: "Don Quixote",
assigned: [ "user_1" ],
priority: 2
id: "3",
project: "books",
parent: "1",
text: "The Great Gatsby",
assigned: [ "user_2" ],
checked: true,
priority: null

const users = [
{ id: "user_1", label: "John" },
{ id: "user_2", label: "Kate" },

const projects = [
{ id: "books", label: "Books" },

const list = new ToDo("#root", {

const toolbar = new Toolbar("#toolbar", {
api: list.api,

Change log: The priority parameter was added in v1.2

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