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What's new

Version 1.0

Released on September 1, 2022

Review of release on the blog

Initial functionality

  • The ability to work with events:

    • add new events in the following way:
      • by clicking on the + Create event button
      • by double clicking on the empty space
      • by clicking on the empty space and dragging the cursor down
    • show an info popup window with brief information by clicking on the event
    • edit an event via an editor by double clicking on the event or using the popup window (to open editor)
    • reschedule events by dragging them to the desired position along a time scale (calendar cell/date)
    • reschedule events by resizing them
    • delete events via an info popup or an editor
    • group events using calendars
  • The ability to work with calendars:

    • add new calendars
    • edit calendars
    • delete calendars
  • The ability to view events through the "Day", "Week" and "Month" view modes

  • Localization

  • Integration with backend

  • Cross browser compatibility

  • Touch support