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POST /tasks


Creates a new task and returns a task object with the ID of a new task

The route handles the POST request made to the /tasks path.

HTTP methodRoute


The server side expects to receive a json object with the next properties:

targetIdnumberOptional. The ID of the future target task where a new task will be added.
parentnumberOptional. The ID of the parent task.
projectnumberOptional. The ID of the project to which a new task should be added.
reversebooleanOptional. Defines the position where a new task will be added: true, if the task is added before the target task; otherwise, false (default).
taskobjectRequired. The task object an example of which you can find here tasks.


"parent": 10,
"project": 1,
"reverse": false,
"targetId": 10,
"task": {
"text": "My task",
//...other values


The route returns a json object with the ID of a new task.


"id": 12

The HTTP status code shows whether the request succeeds (response.status == 200) or fails (response.status == 500).

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