loads data from a local data source

void parse(any data);


dataanythe data to load


var data = [
        id: "1",
        text: "Chairman & CEO",
        title: "Henry Bennett",
        img: "../common/img/avatar-1.png"
        id: "2",
        text: "Manager",
        title: "Mildred Kim",
        img: "../common/img/avatar-2.png"
        id: "3",
        text: "Technical Director",
        title: "Jerry Wagner",
        img: "../common/img/avatar-3.png"
    { id: "1-2", from: "1", to: "2", type: "line" },
    { id: "1-3", from: "1", to: "3", type: "line" }
var diagram = new dhx.Diagram("diagram_container", { type: "org" });;

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You can load data in any supported data format.

For now, Diagram supports two JSON formats:

  • shapes and links
  • shapes only (for Org Chart, in this case links are specified via the parent attribute in the shapes objects and autogenerated)

Read more about the ways of setting connection between links for Org Chart and Diagram.

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