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Gets an object with the current properties of the Event Calendar StateStore


api.getState(): object;


The getState() method returns an object with the following properties:

bounds: array,
config: object,
events: array,
date: Date,
dateRange: array,
datepicker: object,
edit: boolean,
editorShape: array,
calendars: array,
mode: string,
popupInfo: object,
selected: string,
viewData: array,
viewModel: object


// create Event Calendar
const calendar = new eventCalendar.EventCalendar("#root", {
// configuration parameters
// get the state of Event Calendar
const state = calendar.api.getState();
console.log(; // output the events data
console.log(state.mode); // output the selected mode
console.log(state.config); // output the configuration object
console.log(state.calendars); // output the calendars data
console.log(state.editorShape); // output the editor configuration object
console.log(state.selected); // output the selected event data