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Fires after the inline editor of an item is opened


afterEditorOpen: (
id: string | number,
key: string,
subId?: string
) => void;


The callback of the event takes the following parameters:

  • id - (required) the id of the item
  • key - (required) the name of the edited property
  • subId - (optional) the id of a subheader of a swimlane or a text element of a line


// initializing Diagram
const diagram = new dhx.Diagram("diagram_container", {
type: "default"
// loading data;

// attaching a handler to the event"afterEditorOpen", (id, key, subId) => {
console.log(id, key, subId);

Change log:

  • The subHeaderId parameter has been changed to subId in v4.1
  • Added in v4.0