Tabbar API

addCell adds a new tab into a tabbar
destructor removes a Tabbar instance and releases occupied resources
getActive gets the id of the active tab
getId returns the id of a tab by its index
paint repaints a tabbar on a page
removeCell removes a tab from a tabbar
setActive sets an active tab params
change fires on changing the active tab
close fires on closing a tab
activeView sets the currently active view
closeButtons adds close buttons for tabs
css the name of a CSS class(es) applied to Tabbar
html sets HTML content for a tab
id sets ids for tabs
mode specifies the mode of displaying a tabbar
noContent defines whether tabs contain any content
padding defines the distance between the content of a cell and the border of tabbar
tabHeight sets the height of a tab
tabWidth sets the width of a tab
views defines the configuration of tabs
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