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If you are updating scheduler ... Drag and drop of the details form Custom buttons for the details form ( details ) Current time ... details ) Multiselect section for details form ( details ) Checkbox, combo, ... , combo, radio - sections for

Methods addEvent adds a new ... sizes of the scheduler's elements

The article refers to Google ... ( link to download ).

If the available views don't ... the templates are fully processed:

The article refers to Google ... changes and close the file.

Lightbox is an edit form ... last one in the lightbox.

The Map view presents a ... Templates Loading Data Skins Localization

By default, the scheduler doesn't ... next code before scheduler initialization:

dhtmlxScheduler library supports special helper ... to XML, JSON, iCal formats .

3.6 -> 4.0 ... now is controlled by 'dblclick_create'

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